Flexible future-proofed design…

The development framework for West Bar contains 10 building plots, each with self-contained parking. The plots have been conceived with flexibility in mind in terms of use, exact scale, design and the ability to combine them as larger buildings.

The plots are a starting point for a flexible approach to providing fantastic space for businesses with varying size and use requirements from approximately 10,000 sq.ft.

  • The largest office floor-plates in Sheffield
  • £300m regeneration scheme
  • 650k sq.ft. of office space
  • 368 residential units
  • 1M sq.ft. regeneration scheme

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Phase One delivery…

Delivery of the first phase at West Bar, funded by Legal & General, commenced in 2022. This will comprise No.1 West Bar Square – 100,000 sq.ft. of office space together with 368 high quality build-to-rent apartments at Soho Yard. It will also include major public spaces West Bar Square and Soho Yard and a number of shops, cafe’s and restaurants at ground floor.

This will all be completed by the end of 2024. It will be followed by a second office building at No.2 west Bar Square and a 450+ space multi-storey car park.


Soho Yard

368 Build to Rent Apartments.
Owned and managed by Legal & General.

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No 1 West Bar Square

100,000 sq.ft (9,290 sq m) offices including ground floor retail/leisure space.
Pre-let to SCC. Funded by Legal & General.

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No 2 West Bar Square

100,000 sq.ft (9,290 sq m) offices including ground floor retail/leisure space. To be speculatively delivered by L&G and Urbo.

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No 3 West Bar Square

Multi Storey Car Park.
450 spaces.

No 4 West Bar Square

Offices or Residential.
Up to 150,000 sq.ft.

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No 5 West Bar Square

160,000 sq.ft (14,864 sq m) offices including ground floor retail/leisure space.

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Spring Street Plot

Offices or Residential.
Up to 80,000 sq.ft.

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A great new place in the city…

West Bar will be a prestigious new address in the heart of Sheffield City Centre – a place where people meet to do business and much more.

Our vision is to make the public square at the heart of the scheme, West Bar Square, a vibrant, exciting, attractive, sustainable, new destination in Sheffield City Centre, attracting businesses, workers and visitors day and night.

Whether employer, employees, visitors or residents, people will respond positively to the environs of West Bar. Employers based at West Bar are likely to have better motivated and more productive staff and will find recruiting new people easier in a modern work environment.

The vision for our development is aligned with the Sheffield City Strategy 2010-2020:
“It’s 2020: Sheffield is a city of global significance, distinctive, successful, inclusive, vibrant and sustainable. A great city, where people from across the world want to live, learn, work, visit and invest.”

Offering bespoke large footprint buildings across the 1M sq.ft development, West Bar will bring together high quality, office, retail, leisure, hotel and living space to create a modern campus environment where people will want to be – day and night.

Growing Grey to Green

Sheffield enjoys one of the strongest
green infrastructures of any city in the UK…

Proposals have now been developed to transform and green the whole West Bar neighbourood.

Wildflowers, bulbs, grasses and trees have already been planted in recent years as part of the £3.6m Grey to Green scheme, to downgrade highways at West Bar and enhance pedestrian and cycle space making the whole area more attractive to residents, workers and investors.

A 650 metre corridor of porous surfaces at West Bar has provided a sustainable solution to surface water drainage reducing run off to the river. An increase in tree street cover and shade has also offset the increasing heat island effect of climate change.

Urbo will now be landscaping more than an acre of land at West Bar as part of its development. This will provide a fantastic new green setting for businesses and local residents. It will also serve as break-out space for office workers and attractive outside space for new cafes, bars and restaurants.

Designs by leading Landscape Architects Planit IE will ensure this new extended public realm seamlessly extends the already popular grey-to-green areas.


Love Square

Alongside the grey to green development is Love Square, a new type of pop-up urban nature park that is colourful, exciting, beautiful and full of interest throughout the year.

Located on the edge of West Bar, on land owned by Urbo, the Love Square project was coordinated by Urbo and the University of Sheffield, working closely with Sheffield City Council and a range of local community groups.

Providing a bright new public space in the city, the space was designed for Urbo by Professor Nigel Dunnett of the University of Sheffield’s Department of Landscape, who was responsible for the renowned wild flower meadow landscapes of London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.