West Bar None

Where the very best of business, food & culture combine

West Bar Square will be a prestigious new address in the heart of Sheffield City Centre – a place where people meet to do business and much more.


West Bar will be home to a vibrant mixed-use community with over 10,000 workers and over 1,000 residents. To provide places for interaction and fun we will be creating up to 50,000 sq.ft. of shops, cafes, restaurants, bars and other leisure space.

Whether employer, employees, visitors or residents, people will respond positively to the environs of West Bar Square.

Raising the bar in the local community


workers can’t be wrong

Our plan shows the 10 units (A-J) we have designed, spread across the West Bar neighbourhood.

West Bar Corner will be a gateway site with relaxed landscaped spaces outside to sit in the sun. This leads north and into West Bar Square, a major public space for Sheffield and a great place to relax. The walk though to Soho Yard then crosses Plum Lane which will be a lively space with activity on all four corners.

At the eastern entrance to West Bar, Love Square pop-up park will become a new architect designed cafe and small office building addressing a new permanent landscaped pocket park, part of the wider green area of Love Square on the border of Castlegate and West Bar.

Urbo would like to talk to businesses looking to join in our plans for West Bar.

A1,857 sq ft / 173 sq m
B2,777 sq ft / 258 sq m
C3,300 sq ft / 307 sq m approx
D6,200 sq ft / 576 sq m approx*
E9,500 sq ft / 887 sq m approx*
F4,589 sq ft / 426 sq m approx*
G2,280 sq ft / 212 sq m approx
H3,300 sq ft / 304 sq m approx
I3,500 sq ft / 320 sq m approx
J2,000 sq ft / 186 sq m approx
* can split

Site-plan PDF download